Welcome to the AINU World

picture of the founder, Atuy
Founder Atuy

"Around Lake Kussharo, human can live without any inconvenience. It was a utopia, full of natural blessings and, above all, free from natural disasters." Ainu elders speak quietly.


Marukibune, which is located in front of great lake Kussharo, runs more than 40 years in this area, as a pioneer of Ainu cuisine restaurant in Hokkaido. The founder is Atuy(means "Ocean" in Ainu language), a descendant of the Ainu.


Marukibune's interior is all decorated by Atuy, and fish we serve at the restaurant also what he caught at Lake Kussharo.

We hope our guest spend a special time in our hotel & restaurant.

Highlights of Marukibune

picture of the ainu special room

 【The world's only luxurious Ainu room


This is the only special room in the world that Atuy, the founder of Marukibune, built by himself after 15 years of concept.


⚪︎Accommodation fee

  (Per person, tax and bathing fee excluded)

  1 person: 18,000 yen

  For 2 people: 15,000 yen


⚪︎ Mysterious Owner's Choice Course(Omakase)(from 2 people)

This is a surprise hospitality plan limited to customers who use Ainu rooms. 

45,000 yen per person(tax,  bathing tax included, dinner and breakfast included).

picture of our guests enjoying ainu full course dinner

【Traditional & New Ainu Cuisine Full Course】  


 Traditional Ainu cuisine has evolved with the times. You can enjoy Ainu cuisine to your heart's content, from the popular menu at the restaurant to the exquisite dishes that can only be enjoyed with course meals.


  • Silver  Course ¥10,000 per person (tax included, takes 60mins)
  • Golden  Course ¥15,000 per person (tax included, takes 90mins)

 *Please make a reservation in advance because of the availability of ingredients. 

picture of natural hot spring bath in marukibune

【Natural Hot Spring Bath】


 You can take a private bath while viewing the panorama of Lake Kussharo. You can enjoy MOSHIRI's original BGM while bathing if you wish.


 [Open for Visitors]

Opening hours: around 11: 30 - 19: 30

  •  Adult 600 yen
  • Child 300 yen

  *We recommend visitors to make a reservation as it is a priority for guests.


▶︎ Those who come by car/rental car

  • About 60 minutes (about 50 km) from Memanbetsu Airport
  • About 90 minutes (about 80 km) from Kushiro Airport

▶︎ Those who come by using public transportation

  •  It is recommended to take a taxi from JR Mashu Station or JR Biruwa Station.