Traditional & New Ainu cuisine

"Ainu" are an indigenous people who live in Japan for more than 10,000 years. Believing that the land was borrowed from "Kamuy", they lived on the bounty of nature as hunters, gatherers, and fishermen without altering, destroying, or polluting the land.


 The word "stressed" does not exist among the Ainu people, and the average life expectancy of the Ainu was 100 years until the Meiji period. It is because we have dealt with this land and sea from long long time, facing life and death with our own bodies.


The Ainu have an rich wisdom of food, that continues to be told to this day. Through a meal in a Marukibune,  we hope our guest feel the great gift from nature, and appreciate it.

Traditional & New Ainu Cuisine Full Course

picture of guests enjoying Ainu cuisine full course

 Marukibune Special & Original!

Traditional & New Ainu Cuisine Full Course


We use the essence of traditional Ainu cuisine and arranged in a modern style. This is the only special experience you can have.

  •  Gold course

¥15,000 per person (tax included, takes about 90 minutes)

  • Silver Course

 ¥10,000 per person (tax included, takes about 60 minutes)


*Please make a reservation in advance to prepare the ingredients.

Marukibune Recommended Menu

picture of our signature "Parimomo sashimi"


【The bounty of Lake Kussharo, in front of us!

 You can only taste it here. "Fresh sashimi of Parimomo"


True Lakeminnow from Lake Kussharo, frozen and sliced in the Traditional Ainu ruipe sashimi-style.


marukibune recommended menu

 Other than that, there are various kinds such as a ramen, curry rice, ice cream and hot coffee!