location of Teshikaga town


【Welcome to Our home, Teshikaga Town,

the center of Hokkaido east area


 Teshikaga is a town located in the center of Hokkaido east area. 65% of the town is in the Akan-Mashu National Park, there are many places where you can feel the energy of the earth, such as Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, and Mt. Io.


 The nearest airports are Memanbetsu Airport, Kushiro Airport and Nakashibetsu Airport. The stations in Teshikaga-cho are JR Mashu Station, JR Kawayu Onsen Station and JR Biruwa Station.


location of marukibune in Kussharo kotan


【Hotel & Restaurant  Marukibune in front of Lake Kussharo


 Standing in front of the magnificent Lake Kussharo, in Marukibune, you can experience the real Ainu culture.


To visit us, it takes 20 mins drive from the center of Teshikaga town to Kussharo kotan. It's a place where buses hardly pass, so you need to travel by car.


There are no convenience stores or supermarkets around neither, so please be careful and planned well.

We can help your travel if you need by e-mail.


Kussharo area is not a convenient place though it's very quiet and beautiful. You can enjoy the starry sky while bathing Onsen.

Deer and squirrels often visit the inn.

Swans come to the lake from Siberia in winter season.


We are popular place for fishers and photographers also.

how to access marukibune


Hotel & Restaurant


Tel: 015(484)2644


Marukibune, Kussharo-kotan, Teshikaga-town, Kawakami-county, Hokkaido, JAPAN



Next to Ainu  folklore Museum

30sec walk to the Kotan Onsen 

the outlook of marukibune